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Our strategic research and consulting deliverable are designed
to provide comprehensive information and strategic insights to
our clients enabling them to achieve business transformation goals.


The major technology disruptions to look for in 2022 & beyond

Our strategic research and consulting deliverable are designed to provide comprehensive information and strategic insights to our clients enabling them to achieve business transformation goals.


TechTalk Series

Our strategic research and consulting deliverable are designed
to provide comprehensive information and strategic insights to
our clients enabling them to achieve business transformation goals.

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Challenges And Threats In Times Of Infosec Uncertainty


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In a global economy where almost every business is conducted electronically, information security can be used as a major strategic differentiator. Incorporating basic information security principles into your daily routine is much better than leaving these tasks in the hands of your IT department and expecting them to be completed. With an increasingly knowledgeable and cautious customer base, a secure business system has become a valuable sales tool.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions identifies the infosec market, which is still in its initial stages, has a few formal norms established for its products and services. A company’s reputation, profit margins, client confidence, and public relations can all suffer as a result of interruptions to its operations. Due to this issue, information security is a crucial component of a successful overall business strategy. All businesses rely on computers and the internet to run their operations. A top priority should be given to establishing an information security program that addresses the risks to your company.

Significant challenges faced by the INFOSEC sector:

E-commerce security

Cyberattacks have become a lot more frequent in recent years. Ecommerce websites will continue to be a top target for cyberattacks as they are invaluable data mines of financial and personal information. And the cost of a breach, including the loss of client trust and data, can be horrendously damaging for all types of businesses. To protect themselves from cyberattacks and keep up with their competitors,  eCommerce companies are increasing their security precautions due to their concerns over these problems. Online retailers must constantly keep updating their websites with cutting-edge technologies while attackers using the internet are simultaneously improving their skills and identifying new weaknesses.

Rise in infosec attacks

Cybercriminals have taken advantage of the Covid-19 outbreak to spread malicious cyber exploits. A rise in vulnerabilities has also been attributed to the increased use of 5G, device connectivity, new processes and procedures, streamlined employee profiles, and less regulated work environments. The heavy reliance on technology throughout the world was inevitable as WFH came to be the norm. Phishing, malware, identity theft, ransomware, social engineering, whaling, and spam mail are all tools used by cybercriminals to attack their targets.

An underdeveloped infosec market

It is extremely uncommon to come across organizations with dedicated security resources. Businesses’ information security programs are still in their early years for a number of reasons, including a lack of security programs, a lack of knowledge about what a mature cybersecurity program looks like, and a lack of competent, committed resources. The responsible person typically holds the security role in name, but it is not their sole or even their main responsibility. Simply put, they don’t have the time to work diligently on organizational cybersecurity. Poor cyber hygiene practices like this inevitably have a negative impact on the organization.

A decline in infosec staff

There is a persistent shortage of information security professionals as a result of the high demand. The demand for InfoSec specialists is growing as data breaches at government organizations, academic institutions, and commercial enterprises increase. Similarly, hackers continue to advance in the intelligence and sophistication of their attacks. Sometimes the hiring managers are also untrained in cybersecurity, which makes it difficult to pick the best candidate.

Mobile appliances and wireless computing

Because of their vulnerability and the sensitive data they store, mobile devices are unquestionably vulnerable to new kinds of security attacks and fraud problems. Employees and customers are freed from relying on phone lines for communication thanks to wireless technology. Mobile computing devices have improved communications and information accessibility. These devices’ convenience raises information security concerns because the sensitive data they store must be protected.


One of the first steps businesses can take to safeguard their important data and services against security breaches is to implement a strong risk management system. Organizational information security risks are addressed by information security risk management. A business should implement information security so that it can comprehend and control the overall risk to the services. It entails identifying, evaluating, and dealing with risks to the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the company’s assets.

In order to maintain the system and data’s security, it is essential to regularly assess risks. Managing risks in accordance with the organization’s tolerance levels is the ultimate objective. Businesses can be well-prepared for security risks and take the necessary precautions to lessen the impact of an attack by identifying and analyzing the network’s vulnerabilities. Malware can infect the entire network, so quality endpoint security solutions for all network endpoint devices should be taken into account. When using the internet, you must connect over encrypted channels because encryption stores your data in an unreadable format that is useless to an attacker without a decryption key. Getting rid of unsafe redirects Only HTTPS connections are permitted by HTTP strict transport security, ensuring that only HTTPS connections are made between the client and the server. In order to avoid phishing attacks, it is best to refrain from clicking links and downloading files or software from dubious sources. Tools that counteract ARP spoofing should be used to help reduce spoofing attacks. Avoid visiting pages you do not trust because there is a higher chance that a drive-by attack will be spread through a suspicious website.

These hazards will not go away, and successful companies will embrace strategies to minimize them and offer unique results to their clients. Organizations and supervisors need to realize, understand, and address the significant challenges which the infosec sector is presently facing. Being an influential tool for business today, it is important to identify and understand the internet and the essential security pitfalls that come forth with it. With growing numbers of users from a few thousand to hundreds of millions, major challenges subsist today that organizations and businesses must keep in their attention to when using the internet. Risks can no way be excluded, which means companies will need to take on strategies to minimize them and offer unique solutions to their clients.


Sayeri Roy is a Content Writer at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions