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Our strategic research and consulting deliverable are designed to provide
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Our strategic research and consulting deliverable are designed
to provide comprehensive information and strategic insights to
our clients enabling them to achieve business transformation goals.


The major technology disruptions to look for in 2022 & beyond

Our strategic research and consulting deliverable are designed to provide comprehensive information and strategic insights to our clients enabling them to achieve business transformation goals.


TechTalk Series

Our strategic research and consulting deliverable are designed
to provide comprehensive information and strategic insights to
our clients enabling them to achieve business transformation goals.

Competitive Intelligence

The Card and Payments Market is a dynamic sector undergoing a profound transformation, largely driven by digitalization and evolving consumer preferences. The rapid shift from traditional cash and

Competitive Intelligence

Amazon’s Bezos to Face Unprecedented Protests During India Trip

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Security Orchestration and Automated Response for threat detection

Security Orchestration and Automated Response for threat detection, analysis, and remediation.


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How SOAR helps organizations soar:

Organizations store and handle vast amounts of sensitive data on cloud infrastructures. The storage and management of such critical data is posing various challenges to organizations and their SOCs. The data storage and sharing policies must be compliant with various stringent norms such as ISO 27000 Series, GDPR, etc. Data sharing is necessary for the computational needs of the organization, and it needs to be achieved while protecting confidential data. Ceasing attackers from stealing the data is essential for protecting valuable assets, such as financial information and personal data, and avoiding costly data breaches. The SOC teams also face the issue of the high volume of alert activity which causes alert fatigue. The shortage of an efficient cybersecurity workforce and IT resources add up to another challenge as threat alert data piles up.

A security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform address these challenges by providing businesses with one contact point for monitoring, analyzing, determining, and responding to all security incidents and transforms system security personnel’s way of dealing with cybersecurity warnings and threats.

A SOAR platform can integrate with several other security platforms, including include SIEM, EDR, and XDR, to provide comprehensive and robust security to the enterprise IT infrastructure.The SOAR platform leverages the SIEM and other platforms to gather information and assist in the creation of an investigative process for cyber threats. The platform automates investigative route operations to begin triaging and then apply remediation methods to address security incidents more accurately and precisely without causing any further damage to the enterprise’s data and assets

Machine learning acts as a catalyst of SOAR, empowering SOC (Security Operations Centers) analysts by recognizing suspicious behavioral patterns of users and devices and automating responses based on input from past data. This data is segregated and ingested to trigger a playbook for an automated response. These systems use a mix of human and machine learning to analyze data and prioritize response actions, making cybersecurity more efficient and improving overall security operations. The incident and the response are analyzed again to execute tedious tasks like vulnerability scanning, log analysis, ticket verification, and auditing capabilities tasks formerly handled by analysts. In turn, there is effort reduction of the internal SOC and security teams by providing them with orchestration throughout their security networks. Using SOAR, MTTD (Mean Time to Detect) and MTTR (Mean Time to Respond) are lowered, dwell time (time for which the threat is in the system) is reduced, and readiness to work against upcoming threats is increased as well. All the processes to achieve the above-mentioned parameters can be standardized and automatically. It enables SOC teams to concentrate on other critical tasks, such as creating new cybersecurity practices and threat-resolving processes and increasing operational efficiency to strengthen their cybersecurity.

SOAR solutions are intended not only to assist security professionals in reducing alert fatigue and streamlining incident response operations but also to integrate extensive data collection, case management, standardization, workflow, and reporting to enable enterprises to adopt advanced defense-in-depth capabilities.

Functions of SOAR to reduce cybersecurity experts’ dependency:

A SOAR platform collects threat alert data from each integrated platform and consolidates it for further diagnosis. Its incident management system enables users to investigate, appraise, and carry out extensive pertinent inspections. It also creates an integration of disparate internal and external tools to accommodate highly automated, complicated incident response operations, resulting in quicker outcomes and a flexible defense. A SOAR product contains several automation scripts in response to various cyber threats. Each automation script in a program can be configured for one-click deployment straight from the interface, including interaction with third-party products for complete integration. These orchestration functions aid a SOAR product in moderating the whole security department. SOARalso reduces organizational exposure to various cyber threats. Because of reduced exposure and security effort moderation, a security team, even with a smaller number of security professionals, can address high-priority alerts efficiently.

Low Code for SOAR

A SOAR automation platform equipped with low-code capabilities allows the easy creation of consistent processes and workflows through drag-and-drop playbook creation and automatic triggering of response actions. The response actions are made possible by a decoupled orchestration layer connecting the SOAR platform with existing SOC tools. Low-code SOAR platforms allow non-technical security practitioners and busy analysts with technical backgrounds to create complete automated workflows, shifting the focus from coding to deeper analysis and strategizing for better security outcomes.

Points to ponder before deploying SOAR:

SOAR is not a stand-alone solution. It should also not be included in an in-depth defense plan, as these products rely on the data of many other security systems to identify threats. Instead of treating it as a replacement for other security tools, it should be considered as a complementary technology that can perform the best when integrated with other cybersecurity measures. SOAR enhances cyber security processes, optimizes effectiveness, and boosts the efficiency of organizational SOCs.

Another issue with SOAR integrations is that they cannot be accomplished with a single click. Organizational teams must build specific codes to allow the integrations. As every implementation is done by SecOps teams, other departments may neglect the security procedures. As most industries, including the government, healthcare, and education, are incorporating SOAR into their security infrastructure, these factors need to be taken into consideration.


According to Shekhar Menkudale, an Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, SOAR platforms can automate and streamline the SOC team’s tasks and reduce the need for a large security workforce and IT resources. SOAR is an emerging technology in the enterprise security sector, and its success depends on minimizing complexity and maximizing automation. Investment in SOAR is growing as it provides solutions to the difficulties faced by security teams, reducing alert fatigue and improving productivity. While implementing and maintaining a SOAR platform can be complex and require specialized skills and time, companies possessing the capability to provide the needed resources can benefit greatly.

Author: Shekhar Menkudale, Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.