Internet Of Things(IOT) & Digitalization

The Internet of things and Digitalization Services Company such as Quadrant Knowledge Solutions have emerged as the largest trend in the last decade and is transforming both personal and professional life. Smart sensors and embedded intelligence in a network of connected devices are increasingly connecting people, processes, things, and businesses. The digital transformation enabled by the internet of things promises significant business opportunities across the industry sector. 


Internet revolutions are leading to the internet of everything (IoE) scenario by connecting people, processes, data, and things for improved value creation. It is disrupting the traditional business model by transforming the way products and services are being offered to businesses and individuals. It is no longer an option, but a necessity for companies to adapt themselves to the changing business scenarios and megatrends.

Internet of things services company

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ IoT research services provide the intelligence you need to develop strategies for the next generation of products and services. Our strategic research and consulting services will help you understand the mega trends and emerging business opportunities for your specific industry sector. 

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SPARK Matrix

Strategic Performance Assessment and Ranking

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix provides a snapshot of the market positioning of the key market participants. SPARK Matrix representation provides a visual representation of market participants and provides strategic insights on how each supplier ranks related to their competitors, with respect to various performance parameters based on the category of technology excellence and customer impact.
SPARK Matrix